Jenkins Court Receivers

Access the Defendant Portal

Has your bank account been frozen or have you received a Notice of Receivership? After you confirm your identity, you can use the Jenkins Court Receiver’s (“JCR”) Defendant Portal to:

Confirm your contact information to expedite communication.

Download documents related to your Receivership.

Begin the resolution process by submitting a payment proposal.

Why is my bank account frozen?

Most turnover receivership orders provide that all nonexempt property (which may include bank funds) be turned over to the Receiver to pay off the Judgment and Receivership. When a bank is served with a Receivership Order, the bank reviews its accounts and freezes any accounts that the bank believes to be indebted to or owned by the defendant.

What is a Receivership?

A “receivership” is a legal remedy provided by CPRC 31.002 (the “Texas Turnover Statute”) where a defendant’s nonexempt assets are placed into the legal custody of the Court to pay a judgment.