David Ryder is a Florida-based court-appointed Receiver and Trustee. He has served in foreclosure cases, shareholder/member disputes, liquidations, Limited Liability dissolutions, property seizures and divorces.  David has enforced every kind of imaginable(and unimaginable) court order.

As a Receiver and Trustee, Ryder has managed and maintained multi-family properties during foreclosure proceedings. He has operated businesses, sold companies, liquidated corporations and LLCs and administered claims and creditor payouts.

Receiverships bring about constant surprises.  David Ryder is flexible and ready to tackle unanticipated situations every day.  In receivership, the receiver is a neutral party; always dealing with contentiousness and angry people.  David Ryder is known for “keeping his eye on the ball,” looking straight ahead and avoiding the emotions of the day.  He is respected by attorneys, judges and the parties in each of his cases for bringing stability and organization to complicated situations.

This website contains information for lay people and lawyers.  If you are looking for basic information about receivership, you can read about receivership in the simplest terms.  If you are an attorney, check out the “Legal” tab on our site, which contains a treasury of Florida case law commonly cited in receivership cases.

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