David Ryder is an experienced, professional, Florida-based court-appointed Receiver and Trustee, specializing in the management of distressed companies and properties. With a wide background in entrepreneurial ventures, Ryder has collectively managed over four thousand employees in varied and various companies. David Ryder has excellent negotiation skills and the ability to make a deal, when necessary. In situations where “people skills” count, David Ryder excels.

As receiver, David Ryder has presided over property seizures, evictions, creditor claims procedures, supervised forensic accountants, participated in tax negotiations with the IRS, the State of Florida and municipal governments, initiated clawback actions and contempt proceedings and has participated in regulatory actions at the Federal Communications Commission and Florida Public Service Commission.

David Ryder seeks receiverships that present out-of-the-ordinary management challenges. Many Receivers limit their practice to real property management. In addition to real estate receiverships, David Ryder seeks out situations that provide a fit with his career experience.

Ryder has actively managed companies regulated by the Federal Communications Commission: broadcast stations and telecommunications companies. Additionally, David Ryder owned a mortgage company, a warehousing/fulfillment business and two advertising agencies. His receiverships have included plenty of real property(over 900), businesses, radio stations, hotels, internet entities, commercial and residential community associations and family court matters.

A David Ryder-managed receivership seeks to stabilize the distressed entity by recognizing and repairing the practices that created the reasons for establishing the Receivership. Not all assets are the same. Information-age companies with intangible assets are sometimes daunting to traditional managers. It is the recognition of these intangibles that distinguishes David Ryder as a Receiver who attempts to identify and correctly utilize the human and intellectual capital that comprises these companies.

David Ryder has been appointed receiver 47 times in 14 Florida counties:

County Circuit Appointments
Miami-Dade 11th 13
Broward 17th 4
Palm Beach 15th 4
Monroe 16th 2
Brevard 18th 2
Seminole 18th 3
Sarasota 12th 1
Hillsborough 13th 1
Lee 20th 8
Collier 20th 1
Osceola 9th 1
Orange 9th 2
Lake 5th 4
Volusia 7th 1

David Ryder has served as receiver in unusual and contentious situations avoided by many receivers, including family law cases, condominium and homeowner association cases(rent collections, rehab of abandoned properties and acting as the Board of Directors when none could be seated).